Policies and User Guidelines

Product Components:

SKY SHOP 360 is running on experimental basis at the moment and will be improved and developed gradually overtime.

The policies and User Guidelines as presented below is on draft format and will be expanded and completed overtime, based on the experiences.

SKY SHOP 360 does not produce or manufacture any product. It is a shopping place where products and services are uploaded for marketing for others  in terms of establishing on-line links with customers and buyers.

SKY SHOP 360 is currently operating on the following product lines:

A. Affiliate Marketing of products with Amazon.com 

Products as available in amazon.com market place will be uploaded in the “Shop” category of skyshop360.com.

How to buy here?

Customers/buyers who are interested to view the specific product details or are interested to buy the product should click on the “Buy product” button (below the product  image) to go to the product site (amazon). The product details can be seen in the amazon site accordingly. The intended buyer can start the buying process by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button and by following the subsequent instructions accordingly.

B. Marketing of  simple products and services available in Bangladesh.

The products and services as available in Bangladesh will be uploaded in the “Shop” category of skyshop360.com site.

How to buy here?

The customer or interested buyer may click on the “Read more” button (below the product image) to look for details of the product. The customer may contact the given telephone number or the e-mail address for getting further details, conversations and placing order, if applicable.

Land and Apartment Sale

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